Cable Selection

Our cables are suitable for all BeoLab loudspeakers.
If you are not sure you can fill your speakers look and see which cable is recommended word.
Our cables of 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm are priced the same and all 8 X wired (DIN8)
Latest RJ45 cables 4 x wired and only available in black color.
Cables are available in black and white wires.

Beolab 1

Beolab 2

Beolab 3

Beolab 4

Beolab 4 PC

Beolab 5

Beolab 7-1

Beolab 7-2

Beolab 7-4

Beolab 7-6

Beolab 9

Beolab 10

Beolab 11

Beolab 14

Powerlink RJ45 cable

230V cable black/white

for connection to Beolab 17

Beolab 15

Beolab 16

Beolab 17

Beolab 18

Beolab 19

Beolab 20

Beolab 4000

Netstroom 230V

Powerlink cable


Beolab 4000 MKII also with LINE

Beolab 5000

GSM to Beosound / Beomaster

From GSM to Beomaster BeoSound Beocenter Ect.
MP3 Cable

Powerlink Switch

You do not have Beovision but only BeoLab loudspeakers and want to connect to your non B&O TV,

Powerlink Switch offers the solution.


Powerlink Switch for Airplay (read the differences)