Bang & Olufsen BeoLab loudspeakers can be connected via DIN8 (powerlink) or via Rca/tulip (older types)(picture left)

such as, Beolab 1/2/4/5/7/10/11/2500-3000/4000/4500/5000/6000/8000/beolabpenta.

newer speakers such as: Beolab 3/9/4002/6002/8002 have LINE via a DIN connection.(picture right)

On both speakers, the switch should be set to LINE if you are not using the powerlink (DIN8) connection

Update prices 06-01-2023

Line-Kabel, RCA > Din/Powerlink SHQ

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RCA to DIN special cable to connect beolab version for LINE.

SHQ cable 4,5 mm fat shielded cable Professional audio cable.

Beolab 3/9/4002/6002/8002 are newer speakers without the RCA (LINE) connection,

this RCA connection has been changed for the normaly DIN8 connection.

With this cable you can still connect the newer speakers to Sonos or via an amplifier Pre-Out or node2/3 by setting the BeoLab to LINE.

This cable consists of 1 set of 2 separate cables, 1 for right and 1 for left (rca red/white)

1 side tulip/RCA, other side DIN connection.

Rean Connectoren - tulp/gold-Din7

thickness of cable per connection, 4,5 mm shielded.

Unclear, email us for information.

This cable is not for the, BeoLab 1/2/4/5/7/10/11-


LINE Cable For Connection, RCA to DIN B&O

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RCA to DIN special cable to connect beolab for LINE, chepa cable 2,5 mm fat.

Beolab 3/9/4002/6002/8002 are new BeoLab speakers without the RCA (LINE) connection, this RCA connector connection has been changed to a connection to the existing DIN8 connection from B&O.

With this cable you can still connect the newer speakers to Sonos or an amplifier/node2 by setting the BeoLab to LINE.

Normal powerlink connector and rca tulp

Unclear, email us for information.

This cable is not for the,

BeoLab 1/2/4/5/7/10/11/2500/3000/4000/4500/5000/6000/8000/penta

Minijack to DIN - LINE cable

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Connect BeoLab speaker via headphone output/ipad/ipod/tablet/gsm tv or bluetooth.

Intended for: BeoLab 3/9/4002/6002/8002

This cable is not suitable for the:
BeoLab 1/2/4/5/7/10/11/2500/3000/4000/4500/5000/6000/8000/penta

Connected to headphone output pc/gsm/tabet/tv or the Hall-Bluetooth

MiniJack to 2x RCA, stereo cable

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Minijack to RCA/Tulip HQ cable.

Can be used on bluetooth/mobile phone/tablet/tv headphone.

For, BeoLab 1/4/3000/4000/4500/5000/6000/8000/penta

ATTENTION, 1 piece available per length!

if you order 2 or more, they will be credited, discontinued product.


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Cable for headphone output to amplifier or bluetooth to amplifier.
Can also connect Apple Airport to div. BANG & OLUFSEN components, or Audio-In tuner / TV

Or connection to Beosound4 to GSM / airport / TV

Cables are gold plated.
BeoLab 1/4/3000/4000
beolab 4500/5000/6000
beolab 8000 and penta

Via (tulip) on LINE

Also for connection to the hall-bluetooth

PROCAB CLA800 Professional Cable

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Double RCA cable with connectors.

Smooth and professional cable

Connector A: 2 x Tulip (RCA) male
Connector B: 2 x Tulip (RCA) male
100% copper core
Gold-plated connectors
Audio Type: Stereo

The internal cabling is provided with a durable
shielding. This gives excellent protection against interference such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables.

The SIG series cables are “all-round” signal cables suitable for all types of applications where reliable signal transmission is required.

Also for LINE connection

More details PDF

Procab CLP106 adapter

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1 X RCA Male to 2 X RCA Female.

Gold plated.

Procab CLP107 adapter

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CLP107 Procab RCA female - RCA female.

rca/tulp cable for lengthen.

Gold plated.

Procab CLP108 adapter

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2 X RCA Female to 2 X RCA Female

Gold plated.

Procab CLP211 adapter

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From minijack to 2 x RCA Female. connection from headphone out tv to both tulp connection to beolab on LINE.

Gold plated.