Beolab to Sonos/TV

Cables for connecting to your Sonos system.

Procab CAB727/0.25 cm

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Professional flexible Y cable.


2 x RCA Female


PROCAB CLA800 Professional Cable

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Double RCA cable with connectors.

Smooth and professional cable

Connector A: 2 x Tulip (RCA) male
Connector B: 2 x Tulip (RCA) male
100% copper core
Gold-plated connectors
Audio Type: Stereo

The internal cabling is provided with a durable
shielding. This gives excellent protection against interference such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables.

The SIG series cables are “all-round” signal cables suitable for all types of applications where reliable signal transmission is required.

Also for LINE connection

More details PDF

Minijack female to 2 x rca

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Can be used to go from RCA to Mini Jack, e.g. for connecting cable to lab3500 or lab2000 cable length ca 10 cm.

Minijack (3,5 mm) to 2 X RCA

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This cable requires you to connect the SONOS to the Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.

Cable lenght 1,50 M

Minijack (3,5mm) to Minijack (3,5mm)

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This cable fits headset from Apple TV / Mobile or Airplay, the other side fits into the Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.


Cable lenght 1,50 M

Minijack-Minijack Stereo Home Theater kabel

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Kabel bestestemd voor de Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.

kabel lengte 2,50 m

USB Trigger to DIN8 Female for Laptop

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BANG & OLUFSEN compatible adapter cable based on the audio cable in good quality,

fitted with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for analog audio and trigger cable,

fitted with a USB connector, for use of USB "trigger" from eg PC, MAC,

USB Power supply or anything that could supply via USB.

The cable comes out in an 8-pin DIN female connector

that allows for the continuation signals in existing or new Powerlink cables and you are using 2 Powerlink cables,

you can split the signal with a Powerlink split cable Y cable.


NOT be used for BeoLab 5, 50 and 90.



Powerlink Y-Cable Black

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powerlink Y kabel
This cable is used to still be able to connect to a second speaker . BeoLab speaker with a 1 input , ( eg beolab3 )
The white / silver Din plug behind the beolab3 speaker , two others in the Powerlink cables. ready.
Also possible with Powerlink splitter 1 to 5 for connection 5 beolabs to one connection, scroll down for these connector


USB lader tbv USB Trigger kabel

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USB stecker.

Audio Ground Loop Isolator

DAP Audio
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If you suffer from Brom, connect this Isolator between the Tulip (RCA) wiring.

Simple and easy, disconnect the tulip cable from TV or sonos / amplifier and connect this isolator, then connect the cables to the isolator and the hum is gone.

Connection, 2 x tulip (left / right) 2 x female tulip (left / right) (no power needed)

RCA (Tulp) - RCA (Tulp) Kabel

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Two sides Tulip connection.
Various lengths.

For Sonos to BeoLab 4000/6000/8000 via LINE

Cable can be easily separated from each other to connect a Left and Right speaker

Bosscom Powerlink switch with spdif.

The last items
Supplied with this Powerlink switch,
1 x power switch link
1 x Din to 3 x RCA ,
1 x power cable
1 x 3.5mm to toslink
1 x toslink to toslink
Dimensions L x W x H
120 mm X 80 mm X 35 mm ( incl. feet )

Order it,
high-end RCA 1 or 3 meter for connection to TV or Hi-Fi.

To connect these small and easy Powerlink Switch for Airplay has an additional Toslink input for connecting to Apple Airport Express or Sonos systems or other digital source .

The unit is 100 % compatible with BANG & OLUFSEN systems .

It offers you the solution to many problems of audio systems such as connecting your BeoLab speakers to another brand of TV or hi-fi system .
How does it work?
All of the audio signal - either digital or analog which will be converted in 100% standard signal compatible to the
BANG & OLUFSEN systems .

Each stereo sound source can be connected .
On ,
Input 1 , DIN cable become the TV or HiFi via RCA cable (red / white) ( not supplied ) to the yellow / red input connected.
Input 2 , possibly an overture / BeoSound 3000 oid
Input 3 , SPDIF / TOSLINK IN with a controlled volume output for connection to an Apple Airport Express or SONOS system .
All input signals as required by means DIP switches
be switched. at the bottom of the Power Switch Link

 Read manual

Take a looking video.



TV with USB? use this cable

Av-connection - Bosscom
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Have your TV has a headphone output and USB?

Use the USB cable and 1 Powerlink Y-cable.

To this you can connect 2 power link cables.

How it works,

Connect the USB (trigger) cable to the USB port of your TV (0.5V Trigger) connect the 3.5mm mini-jack to the headphone output, stop now the Y cable into the female v / d cable.

Now you can connect 2 power link cables to your existing speakers to BeoLab.

(often in the TV menu, you need to activate the headphone)



USB (trigger) cable € 37,50 euro

Powerlink Y-cable € 20,00 euro


Not for beolab 5, 50 and 90



Digital to Analoog converter

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Digital to Analog Converter.

Consists of,

1 X Converter with Toslink or Coaxial input, 2 X RCA output.

1 X 230V power supply.

1 X optical cable (Toslink), length 1 meter.

Modern TVs that you want to link to your beosound / center have 1 drawback, the headphone output is not there, but there is optical out, with this converter you can still connect the TV to beosound / center on the AUX, so you can hear the sound from the TV can play over the beosound / center to which the beolab speakers are connected.

You still need the DIN5 to Tulip, see below.

DIN5 naar tulp, Lengte 1,20 meter.

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DIN5 (AUX) to 2 x RCA connector

Cable length 1,20 meter