Beolab 50

Powerlink old DIN to RJ45

Cat 7 also for connection powerlink rj45


Tulp for line-in

Beolab 2000

Masterlink cable

230V cable black/white

Connection to gsm/tablet 

* Pay attention,

The cable for this is no longer available,

you need a Beolink Converter 1611,

with a masterlink cable you can connect it to the lab2000,

you can connect a TV/tablet or mobile phone via an MP3 cable.

Beolab 4000

Netstroom 230V

Powerlink cable


Beolab 4000 MKII also with LINE

Beolab 5000

GSM to Beosound / Beomaster

From GSM to Beomaster BeoSound Beocenter Ect.
MP3 Cable

Powerlink Switch

You do not have Beovision but only BeoLab loudspeakers and want to connect to your non B&O TV,

Powerlink Switch offers the solution.


Powerlink Switch for Airplay (read the differences)