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CAT7 Black

Ligawo of S-Conn
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Flex CAT7 cable to speed 10 gigabit.
Very high transmission speed.
8 thread netwerk kabel
Halogeen vrij
Double shieldedS/FTP
Paren in metal folie (PiMF)
Kabel diameter ca 6,2 mm
10/100/1000/10000 Base- T Ethernet
Vlam vertragend
2 X RJ45 Connectoren
Gold Plated verzegeld met strain relief.



- merk, Ligawo 
- Fully Shielded Twisted Pair (F-STP)
- Netwerk kabel met 2 volledig geassembleerde RJ45 netwerk aansluitingen
- Flexibel koper patch kabel is ideaal voor alle apparaten met een netwerkverbinding.

- Patchkabel CAT 7 600MHz
- S / FTP 4 x 2 x AWG26 / 7 PiMF (Paren In Metal Folie)
- Gold Plated 50 μ plug contacten
- kabel diameter van ongeveer 6,2 mm
- 10/100/1000/10000 Base-T Ethernet
- Vlamvertragend IEC60332-1,
- halogeen IEC 60754-2, Low smoke volgens IEC 61034.




DIN5 naar tulp, Lengte 1,20 meter.

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DIN5 (AUX) to 2 x RCA connector

Cable length 1,20 meter

RCA (Tulp) - RCA (Tulp) Kabel

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Two sides Tulip connection.
Various lengths.

For Sonos to BeoLab 4000/6000/8000 via LINE

Cable can be easily separated from each other to connect a Left and Right speaker

RCA Socket, Red

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Chassis RCA (Tulp) Female Red

Type, metal - goldplated


Front : Tulp (RCA) - Female

Back : Solder


RCA Socket, Black

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Chassis RCA (Tulp) Female BlackType, metaal - Verguld


Front : Tulp - Female

Back : Solder


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Cable for headphone output to amplifier or bluetooth to amplifier.
Can also connect Apple Airport to div. BANG & OLUFSEN components, or Audio-In tuner / TV

Or connection to Beosound4 to GSM / airport / TV

Cables are gold plated.
BeoLab 1/4/3000/4000
beolab 4500/5000/6000
beolab 8000 and penta

Via (tulip) on LINE

Also for connection to the hall-bluetooth

RJ45 Caps black

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Order it, caps to close unused ports.

Price per 10



RJ45 screw connection

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RJ45 screw Connector 

Convenient RJ45 connector for use

with network cables or to test your cables temporarily.

Screw connector is provided,

4 x + screw connectors 

4 x - screw connectors

Extension serving DIN5 to Tulip

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Extension cable, this cable can be used to extend to TV or audio source

Latest cable!

Procab RCA Connectoren (set) VC209

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Procab Cable plug RCA.
Set consisting of,
1 X highlighted in red
1 X marked in black
gold-plated connection

Procab Kabel voor RCA connectoren.

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Procab SIG48

Unbalanced Signal cable

cable type: signal
colour black
diameter insulation: 1.6 mm
dimensions inside conductor: 0.16 mm²
dimensions of conductor: BC 14 x 0.12 mm
dimensions outside cable: 4 x 8 mm (diameter)
material sheath: flexible PVC
High Quality
color insulation: red and white
resistance: 10.6 Ohm
number of conductors: 2
material protection inside: copper wire (braided)

Audio Ground Loop Isolator

DAP Audio
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If you suffer from Brom, connect this Isolator between the Tulip (RCA) wiring.

Simple and easy, disconnect the tulip cable from TV or sonos / amplifier and connect this isolator, then connect the cables to the isolator and the hum is gone.

Connection, 2 x tulip (left / right) 2 x female tulip (left / right) (no power needed)