230v kabel

B&O 230V cables

Perfectly suitable for BeoLab, Beocenters, Beovision, Overture etc.

New, Y-cable for connection Beovision with Apple TV.


New, Y-cables for 230V, torque thereto your Beovision with center speaker or Apple TV or other external source to one electrical cable!


New, Make your own power to length.

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230V AC power cable Black

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Known separate flat connection
for BANG & OLUFSEN systems.
Cable Color, Black.


230V AC power cable White

Bosscom / Goobay
50 % korting
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Known separate flat connection
for BANG & OLUFSEN systems.
Cable Color, White.

Quantity still in stock:

10 by 2 meters

14  of 5 meters

21  of 7 meters

6  of 10 meters


230V AC power cable Y-Kabel Black

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A frequently arising problem in BANG & OLUFSEN TVs are many power cables behind the TV.
Just take the Beovision, apple tv, center speaker and digital decoder, there is now an easier cable.
This Y-Cable now makes two cables 1 cable.




230V recht - C7 Haaks

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230V plug is straight, the C7 for beovision / beolab / apple TV is square (90 degrees) for hard places such as beosound9000 - beolab3500 or similar.
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Device cord angled, C7 angled.

length 3 meters

C13 - Schuko

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C13 - Schuko,

Cable length 3 meters color black.

Extension 230V-Kabel IEC-C8-IEC-C7 2 meter

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This cable can be used as a piece of extension cable of 2 meters.


Adapter Y-Kabel-230v

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An AppleTV is often confirmed in a Bang & Olufsen TV.
The AppleTV must separate supplied (230V).
To facilitate the installation, BOSSCOM has an adapter Y cable delivered so that the original 230V cable (supplied with the TV) this both of power.
This cable has 2 flat connection connectors IEC C7(1 for tv and 1 for apple tv) and 1 male (C8) connection.
Note, this cable is not equipped with a power connector, can also be used as an extension cord on a c8 cable.


Elektra cable 2 X 0,75 ovaal Black

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Electrical cable 2 x 0.75 oval black.
Price per meter.

Elektra kabel 2 x ovaal Wit,

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Elektra kabel wit

Elektra kabel 2 X 0,75 ovaal zwart. (standaard maat)

meer lengte nodig dan 10 meter, mail ons.

Elektra Cable 2 X 1 mm thick Black

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Slightly thicker quality cables as before.

2 x 1 mm flat black PVC Class 5 300V


more than 10 meters length required, please email us.

Elektra plug, White

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Create your own cables to hide it. Example by electrical conduit
Hard electrics 230V plug in black color with screw connection for the oval electrical cable (2 X 0.75 Oval)


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Famous (8) connecting BANG & OLUFSEN.
for oval electrical cable 2 x 0.75 oval.
This connector is to solder the cables.