MP3 Cables


MP3 - Tue, 5 plug to 3.5mm plug.
This cable is to be connected to the aux outputs BANG & OLUFSEN components.
The Apple4 cable for iphone / ipod / tablet to 2 x RCA.


We stress out that when using this cable the volume on ipad / iphone or android littering because of the low levels open output is more difficult for an amplifier to the sound. Weather
The sound will be represented through this cable is sometimes at a slightly higher volume.
The sound is compressed always sounds different than using a CD or radio signal.


Din5 to 3,5 mm minijack Black mp3 cable

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Din5 to minijack,

For connection to GSM, tablet, pc or tv.

Din5 from beosound/center in AUX port.

Din5 to minijack, White mp3 cable

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Din5 naar 3,5 mm minijack.

Voor aansluiting aan GSM, tablet, pc of tv naar de AUX van de beosound/center

RJ45 to minijack 3,5 mm

Mark: Bosscom
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RJ45 naar MP3

Can be used to connect BeoPlay to MP3 or BeoPlay / playmaker to mobile

Or non B&O TV to BeoPlay link.



RJ45 to Minijack Female Zwart/Black

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Connect your headphones to this cable.
minijack Female, 3.5 mm
RJ45 connection for Bang & Olufsen.
Length 3 meters.