Powerlink Switch

We sell not anymore Almando,

Bosscom Powerlink switch with spdif.

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Supplied with this Powerlink switch,
1 x power switch link
1 x Din to 3 x RCA ,
1 x power cable
1 x 3.5mm to toslink
1 x toslink to toslink
Dimensions L x W x H
120 mm X 80 mm X 35 mm ( incl. feet )

Order it,
high-end RCA 1 or 3 meter for connection to TV or Hi-Fi.

To connect these small and easy Powerlink Switch for Airplay has an additional Toslink input for connecting to Apple Airport Express or Sonos systems or other digital source .

The unit is 100 % compatible with BANG & OLUFSEN systems .

It offers you the solution to many problems of audio systems such as connecting your BeoLab speakers to another brand of TV or hi-fi system .
How does it work?
All of the audio signal - either digital or analog which will be converted in 100% standard signal compatible to the
BANG & OLUFSEN systems .

Each stereo sound source can be connected .
On ,
Input 1 , DIN cable become the TV or HiFi via RCA cable (red / white) ( not supplied ) to the yellow / red input connected.
Input 2 , possibly an overture / BeoSound 3000 oid
Input 3 , SPDIF / TOSLINK IN with a controlled volume output for connection to an Apple Airport Express or SONOS system .
All input signals as required by means DIP switches
be switched. at the bottom of the Power Switch Link

 Read manual

Take a looking video.



Minijack (3,5 mm) to 2 X RCA

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This cable requires you to connect the SONOS to the Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.

Cable lenght 1,50 M

Minijack (3,5mm) to Minijack (3,5mm)

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This cable fits headset from Apple TV / Mobile or Airplay, the other side fits into the Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.


Cable lenght 1,50 M

DIN5> Mini Jack Length 1.5 M

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This cable can be used if the TV has a regular headphone jack, the din cable goes into the Powerlink Switch and the mini jack stop the headphone output.

Powerlink Y-Kabel.

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Order it for Powerlink switch airplay.

Powerlink Y-cable to connect 2 speakers.

ProfiQ RCA Male - Male, Tulp - Stekkers 24K Gold.

50 %
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High-end cables with gold plated connectors.

5 pieces 1 meter

2 pieses 3 meter



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Cable for headphone output to amplifier or bluetooth to amplifier.
Can also connect Apple Airport to div. BANG & OLUFSEN components, or Audio-In tuner / TV

Or connection to Beosound4 to GSM / airport / TV

Cables are gold plated.
BeoLab 1/4/3000/4000
beolab 4500/5000/6000
beolab 8000 and penta

Via (tulip) on LINE

Also for connection to the hall-bluetooth