Connection cables suitable for the Beosound Core

Otherwise also see page, Beoplay for more RJ45 connections.

Connections Beosound Core,
All the way to the right. RJ45 power link connection
1 to the left. DPL for I.R.eye connections
Ethernet. internet connection
Optical out. for connection Sound shape
Line-in/Optical. minijack input for digital or analog

Beosound Core to Beolink Passive or Beolab Penta

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Connect the BeoSound Core to the BeoLink Passive,

this is a special adapted cable, the Dinplug is soldered differently than the standard cable.
A standard RJ45 to Din8 has the disadvantage that it does NOT disable the passive or allow the info screen to work

This cable is also suitable for playmaker and essence to passive or beolab penta.

The cable makes the info window work again on the penta/3000/4500 and lab5000, instead of TP2 volume to be displayed and the input is visible again

If the BeoLab Pentas/3000/4500/5000 are looped through to each other, only 1 of this cable is needed.

Questions, mail us.

RJ45 to DIN8 Special cable for Beolab 5

Van Damme
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Special connection cable, different from the rj45 to din cables you find at beoplay cables.

Please note, this cable is different from the above core beolink passive cable! other picture follows!

This Van damme cable is MKII connected (8X) outer jacket is polylefin (PE-LD)

cable is shielded aluminum/polyester foil,

cable thickness is approx 6 mm

Connecting cables are 0.16 mm and oxygen free copper.

This should solve the noise that normal cables from Cavus or Bosscom can cause when connected to the beosound Core or Essence.

Please note, When connecting cables always disconnect the power from the TV or audio as well as the beolab, wait 30 seconds before disconnecting or connecting the cable.

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This cable can be directly connected to BeoLab BeoPlay.


 Also for the IHC-Net


 Full wired.



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These cable is for connection from Beoplay or playmaker to connection directly to Beolab.


Also for IHC Net Beolink Installatie.

RJ45 To Male.


Expires from assortment, gone = gone

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0.50 - 7 pieces

1 - 8 pieces

1.8 - 8 pieces

3 - 2 pieces

7 - 3 pieces





Bang & Olufsen RJ45 Splitter

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Original from B&O, rj45 splitter.

1 input to 2 outputs/jacks
recommended cabling, cat7.

For example, connect the BeoLab 19 and BeoLab 18 separately.

Size: L=52 mm B=32 mm H=25 mm

Size: L=2.047 inch B=1.259 inch H=0.984 inch

Beoplay RJ45 to 2 x Female Black

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With this cable you can directly from BeoPlay to 2 x powerlink female,

For connecting to BeoLab speakers.






RJ45 to 8 pin DIN Female Black

Mark: Bosscom
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This cable is for connect BeoPlay to Powerlink (female)



CAT7 Black

Ligawo of S-Conn
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Flex CAT7 cable to speed 10 gigabit.
Very high transmission speed.
8 thread netwerk kabel
Halogeen vrij
Double shieldedS/FTP
Paren in metal folie (PiMF)
Kabel diameter ca 6,2 mm
10/100/1000/10000 Base- T Ethernet
Vlam vertragend
2 X RJ45 Connectoren
Gold Plated verzegeld met strain relief.



- merk, Ligawo 
- Fully Shielded Twisted Pair (F-STP)
- Netwerk kabel met 2 volledig geassembleerde RJ45 netwerk aansluitingen
- Flexibel koper patch kabel is ideaal voor alle apparaten met een netwerkverbinding.

- Patchkabel CAT 7 600MHz
- S / FTP 4 x 2 x AWG26 / 7 PiMF (Paren In Metal Folie)
- Gold Plated 50 μ plug contacten
- kabel diameter van ongeveer 6,2 mm
- 10/100/1000/10000 Base-T Ethernet
- Vlamvertragend IEC60332-1,
- halogeen IEC 60754-2, Low smoke volgens IEC 61034.




RJ45 Powerlink Cable Black

Mark: Bosscom
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Latest cables for BANG & OLUFSEN.
cable is 2.5 mm thick, high quality and extremely flexible,
The RJ45 connectors are wired x 4.
This is NOT a cat6 cable, specifically designed for the latest BeoPlay speakers, so not suitable for beonet!