Samsung TV to beolab

Connect your BeoLab speakers to your Samsung TV.

ATTENTION, it is important that the headphone output is regulated,

So put in the hard or softening of the TV

the sound with headphones connected also go hard or softer.

USB Trigger to DIN8 Female for Laptop

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BANG & OLUFSEN compatible adapter cable based on the audio cable in good quality, fitted with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for analog audio and trigger cable, fitted with a USB connector, for use of USB "trigger" from eg PC, MAC, USB Power supply or anything that could supply via USB. The cable comes out in an 8-pin DIN female connector that allows for the continuation signals in existing or new Powerlink cables and you are using 2 Powerlink cables, you can split the signal with a Powerlink split cable.

NOT be used for BeoLab 5!



Powerlink Y-Cable Black

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This cable is used to still be able to connect to a second speaker . BeoLab speaker with a 1 input , ( eg beolab3 )
The white / silver Din plug behind the beolab3 speaker , two others in the Powerlink cables. ready.