dab radio plus

Bosscom - DAB+

Bosscom DAB / FM Tuner is designed to connect to a Bang & Olufsen system.

The system is operated by the BANG & OLUFSEN remote control completely.


We sellnot anymore DAB, look to https://shop.oneremote.dk/en/productcategory/dab-og-wifi-til-bo/ for these radio

DAB/Internet Radio

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BOSSCOM DAB / Internet Radio is compatiblefor Bang & Olufsen makes it possible to listen to music from thousands of Internet radio stations or DAB - all control is via one's Bang & Olufsen BEO4 / 5/6 remote. *
BOSSCOM DAB / Internet Radio is monitored upon an aluminum base.

Listen to Podcasts directly from the Internet without a PC or iTunes. Receive DAB and FM radio via aerial and music from a PC via wireless or wired network.

BOSSCOM DAB / Internet Radio can be connected to any B&O radio or TV set, and operated with a Beolink 1000, Beo4, Beo5 or Beo6 remote control.

You can set up to 40 presets on the Internet radio, DAB and FM radio stations or podcasts.

A DAB tuner allows sound quality is only limited by the speakers and the B&O components. Receiving Internet radio is limited by your Internet connection.

BOSSCOM DAB / Internet Radio is not only an Internet and DAB radio, it is an experience.


Din7 adaptor kabel

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Special adapter cable to your Dab + Tuner linking ub B&O TV
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Use this cable to connect devices to an amplifier with a DIN5 connection to 2 X RCA Male.

Length Approx 20 inches.