Beolab 5 Cables

Cables for the Beolab5 speakers.

At the bottom of this page you will find various connection options for the Beolab5

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RJ45 to DIN8 Special cable for Lab 5

Van Damme
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Special connection cable, different from the rj45 to din cables you find at beoplay cables.

Please note, this cable is different from the above core beolink passive cable! other picture follows!

This Van damme cable is MKII connected (8X) outer jacket is polylefin (PE-LD)

cable is shielded aluminum/polyester foil,

cable thickness is approx 6 mm

Connecting cables are 0.16 mm and oxygen free copper.

This should solve the noise that normal cables from Cavus or Bosscom can cause when connected to the beosound Core or Essence.

Please note, When connecting cables always disconnect the power from the TV or audio as well as the beolab, wait 30 seconds before disconnecting or connecting the cable.

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This power link cable is extremely flexible and internally 8 x connected with wiring done and is double shielded (full-wired)

Cable thickness 5 mm MKII cable.

Intended for all BeoLab loudspeakers.

Plug and play cable. (Photo = cable)

For: Beolab Penta/1/2/3/4/5/7/9/10/11/2500/3000/4500/5000/6000/8000/8002/4002.

Suitable for, Beomaster 6500/7000-Beosound 4/5/9000/2500/3000/3200/Ouversture, Beocenter 2/2300, Beosystem 4500.

Powerlink Y cable Shielded

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Handmade powerlink Y cable specially intended for 5 mm shielded cables.
This Y-cable was specially made for me.

1 X 8 x Wired Shielded DIN8 Male
2 X 8 x wired shielded DIN8 female
Cable length 50 cm.
Manufactured from Bosscom shielded cable 5mm.
For use in,


Vandamme SPDIF 75-Ohm Digital connection cable

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High-End cable with excellent sound reproduction.

Speciaal made for me.

Van Damme 75ohm Coaxial Plasma Grade Cable
REAN NYS373 Phono RCAs
Manufactured using 4% silver solder

More Information
Delivery Speed Made to Order - Next Day Delivery Available
Cable Capacitance Capacitance - 67 pF/m
Cable Resistance Shield - 13 Ohm/Km Insulation - > 5000 M Ohm/Km
Cable Conductor Conductor - 85 Ohm/Km
Cable Screening NA
Cable Jacket Overall Jacket Material - Flexible PVC Average thickness - 0.95mm Overall diameter - 6.15mm
Overall Diameter NA
Cable Brand Van Damme
Application Tour & Studio Grade
Contact Material Gold Plated

Cable lengths are per piece, purchasing different lengths is no problem.


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This cable is needed when connecting the Beolab5 digitally to a non-B&O source.

With this cable the internal volume control on both speakers is synchronized so that both speakers reproduce the same volume,

this cable is only needed when connected via S/PDIF.

This cable is grey in color.

Beolab 5 S/PDIF Digitale Kabel

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Special Digital cable for additional connection between the Beolab5 speaker.

For the best digital display this is no unnecessary cable!

Plated metal body RCA (phono) connectors (x2)

Newer lengths follow in 1 to 2 weeks.

PROCAB CLA800 Professional Cable

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Double RCA cable with connectors.

Smooth and professional cable

Connector A: 2 x Tulip (RCA) male
Connector B: 2 x Tulip (RCA) male
100% copper core
Gold-plated connectors
Audio Type: Stereo

The internal cabling is provided with a durable
shielding. This gives excellent protection against interference such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables.

The SIG series cables are “all-round” signal cables suitable for all types of applications where reliable signal transmission is required.

Also for LINE connection

More details PDF

Connection Beolab 5

View of connections of Beolab 5, the Sync is behind the rubber cap, which must be removed if necessary.

There are two ways to connect Power Link cables, as shown here.

Standard connection B&O setup.

Setup where TV is the master, 9000 via master link

Connection to non B&O receiver, sync cable is necessary and tulip cables (line)

Option 0 (factory setting): For connection to a Bang & Olufsen audio or video system.

Option 1: For connection to a system from another brand. If desired, you can also use a Bang & Olufsen television in the same room

Option 4: If the speakers are connected to a system from another brand and if you also have an additional Bang & Olufsen audio system in the same room

To change the option setting: > Press LIST while pressing the ∙ button on Beo4. > Release both buttons. > Press LIST repeatedly until OPTION* appears in the Beo4 display. > Press the center button. > Press LIST repeatedly until L.OPT* appears in the Beo4 display. > Enter the correct option number (0, 1 or 4).

To change the LINE input level: > Press LIST repeatedly until SOUND* appears in the Beo4 display. > Press the center button. > Key in the desired value for the LINE input level (1 if the LINE input level < 2 V RMS; 2 if the LINE input level > 2 V RMS ≤ 4 V RMS).

LINE connections Use regular phono cables to connect the speakers directly to the system. If the LINE output level is higher than 2 V RMS, you must set each speaker to a higher input level (> 2 V RMS ≤ 4 V RMS), as described in Tuning BeoLab 5 to your system (p. 11). 'Syncr.' connection Connection between the two speakers. This connection ensures that both speakers maintain the same volume level.

Beolab 5 kabelS/PDIF Digital