B&O Beolab5 Cables

Cables for the Beolab5 speakers.

For connection to the sonos you need:

1 x required the S/PDIF

1 x the sync cable.

Beolab 5 S/PDIF Digitale Kabel

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Special Digital cable for additional connection between the Beolab5 speaker.

For the best digital display this is no unnecessary cable!

Plated metal body RCA (phono) connectors (x2)

Beolab 5 Synchronisatiekabel

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Beolab 5 OFC Synchronisation Cable

This product is a high quality, Pure-Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper audiophile quality cable to allow you to connect your Beolab 5 speakers to a non-B&O source with a digital output when used in conjunction with our S/PDIF digital speaker cables. This cable ensures that the internal volume controls of each Beolab 5 are synchronised, so that they all play at the correct volume - if you are in any doubt, please ask!
For reference, use of this cable requires the Synch function to be enabled on your speakers. The Synch function was active on Beolab 5 speakers from serial no. 17772145 and software level 2.5 and above (around April 2004 onwards). Please note that the only option available to those with older Beolab 5's linked to non-B&O equipment is to set both speakers near to maximum volume and then use the external (ie. source) volume control.
Cable specifications:-
* Screened Directional Pure-Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper cable with Royal Blue sheath
* Signal conductors (x 2): 7 x 0.2mm PC-OFC copper
* Screening conductor: 16 x 0.12mm PC-OFC copper
* Shielding: Foil screen to reduce interference (2m length only)
* 2 x HQ or Digital 24 carat Gold-Plated metal-bodied 3.5mm stereo jack plugs


Beolab 5 kabelS/PDIF Digital