Bosscom I.R Eye Stand

Bosscom I.R. Eye Stand Outdoor

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Bosscom I.R. Eye Stand

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Bosscom I.R. Eye Stand, Color Aluminium


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I.R. Wall Mounting Plate, 2 plate..

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Simple mounting plate to mount the IR module on the wall.

Set consists of:

1 X Wall (left on image)

1 X I.R. EYE plate (right on image)

2 X screw + plug

3 x small fixing screws.

1 X mounting screw

How it works.

Screw the plate with the 3 screws to the I.R. EYE (4 the screw is from the Earth, loosen this light, screw the plate between and tighten it again)

Screw the other plate to the wall, wood or the like and then slide the I.R. EYE over this plate, wood takes into account the cable as it comes out of the wall to first pass it through the 2 plates.

Finally, the fixing screw is tightened so that it can no longer be dismantled.

2 pieces present.