Beovox Stekkers

Here you find the connectors you need to connect the

BANG & OLUFSEN BeoVox Speakers.


Beovox Connect Plug

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Beovox Contrastekker

Equipped with screw terminals.

Speaker Cable tbv Beovox Plug

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Speaker Cable,

red / black,

2 x 0.75 mm2,

Price per meter.

DIN5 naar tulp, Lengte 1,20 meter.

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DIN5 (AUX) to 2 x RCA connector

Cable length 1,20 meter

Extension serving DIN5 to Tulip

Delivery time:- Stock,
Extend the cable LTV DIN5 to RCA, this cable can be used to extend to TV or audio source
Offered lengths,
1.5 meters
2.5 meters
5.0 meters


DIN 5 Male -> 2 X RCA Female

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Use this cable to connect devices with RCA connection to an amplifier with DIN5.

Length Approx 20 inches.

DIN 5 Female -> 2 X RCA Tulp Male

Delivery time:Stock.

Use this cable to connect devices to an amplifier with a DIN5 connection to 2 X RCA Male.

Length Approx 20 inches.

MCL koppelen aan Airport Express

Delivery time:- Voorraad

You can connect an airport express link via the power input via the MCL amplifier by B & O.

Set includes,

1 X 1 meter cable with DIN to Mini Jack

1 X Power

1 x Y-Cable

How it works,

The Y-cable stops disconnect the MCL Amplifier, On the Y-cable to the power supply and 1 meter cable, Din to Mini Jack to mini jack, you can then connect,

Airport express, iphone, ipad, Android phone, Windows Mobile.