3 meter hdmi kabel

Bosscom - HDMI Cable

The Bosscom 1.4V HDMI is a high-end quality standard HDMI digital AV interface cable accordion thing to build ,
And fully compliant with the specification for the High Definition Multimedia Interface ( HDMI )
Good and solid professional HDMI cables , High- End with ETHERNET 1.4
Bosscom own brand HDMI cable ,
Intended for all connections even 3D Full HD 1080P
The cable is built to the most stringent requirements for HD media and interface standard .
And that translates into a cable with beautiful sound and breathtaking picture .
The Bosscom HDMI is very transparent and open with lots of speed and dynamism, the low 'm given back much tighter and deeper than usual.
This HDMI delivers crisp and clear images intense , accurate color and vivid contrast with many sharp detail , so does the shadows much sharper detail .
The connectors on this HDMI cable meet the exact dimensions that meet the standards must meet , hence the fit is perfect and the cable will not be easy from TV or decoder to remove.
This cable surpassed all performance of the high standards associated with a HDMI license.
The cable is fitted with removable screw portion which suddenly the cable can be . By a 19 mm electrical conduit drawn
Watching this cable is definitely a feast for the eyes , price / quality can mix a lot of expensive segment this cable.
This cable is free from halogen .
The HDMI cables Bosscom 's lifetime warranty .
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 Bosscom HDMI V1.4.


The image are significantly improved after 20 hours.


10 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters only available on request delivery time about 14 days.





Tasker HDMI 2.0 Cable Pro.

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Tasker High Speed 2.0 HDMI cable with ethernet 3D 4K.

Double shielded

15 Veins

Oxygen-free copper

diameter about 8.5 mm

professional cable

Cable Details on PDF

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Los optional HDMI connector / plug

Mark: Procab

To use this connector, you need a suitable pliers.



HDMI Schroef Adapter

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Gemakkelijk uw bestaande HDMI connector vervangen indien deze defect is geraakt.

Schroef uitvoering, dus niet solderen.

Wifi Streamer / HDMI-ARC

Black Friday Korting
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This WiFi Streamer can directly stream wireless to connected BeoLabs.

For the older ones with a DIN8 connection, an RJ45 to DIN8 female is included for connecting 2 BeoLab speakers, in addition,
this WIFI-Streamer for connecting to TVs via an HDMI-ARC or can be connected via the optical out of the TV. operate with the supplied remote control or via app)

The RJ45 connection can also be used as an input, if necessary a BeoCenter/sound can be connected.

So if you want to connect 1 Overture and 2 BeoLabs, an extra Y cable is needed (din8), or you connect the BeoLab together, ask us if you can't figure out the possibilities.

NOTE, When connecting via the HDMI-ARC, the TV sound setting should be set to PCM.


This WiFi Streamer has a built-in trigger signal of 4.5V to switch the speakers on and off.

supports Airplay 2, you can stream Spotify via iPad and can be connected to other Airplay 2 devices, including Sonos, B&O, Heos etc.



•WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

•Bluetooth 5


•5V trigger signal

•RJ45 audio in/out


•App Muzo Pod

•Dimension. 10 x 10 x 3.5 cm

This is the perfect solution for connecting your B&O speakers to TVs that only have an HDMI arc or optical connection, and you can also stream via Bluetooth.

with 2 wifi streamers you can also use multi-room.


1 X RJ45 - 2 x DIN8 Female Cable

1 X Remote Control (without batteries)

1 X USB Charging Cable

1 X 230V Power Supply

1 X HDMI Cable 50 cm

color is black


controllable via the App or with the supplied remote control, t

he TV volume responds to the remote control of the TV itself.

In the App you will find TuneIn to stream internet radio.

Spotify or Qubuz can be activated via login codes (payment versions)

On the App is, (App=WiiM Pod)

TuneIn, Iheartradio, Spotify, QQmusic, Tidal, Napster, Qubuz, Amazon Music.

more info: just email us, or go to ower website for more details.