Ground loop Isolator

Suffering from hum or noise?

With some connections to receiver or TV, noise or hum may come from the BeoLab speaker,

with this ground loop isolator most grounding problems are solved.

Audio Ground Loop Isolator

DAP Audio
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If you suffer from Brom, connect this Isolator between the Tulip (RCA) wiring.

Simple and easy, disconnect the tulip cable from TV or sonos / amplifier and connect this isolator, then connect the cables to the isolator and the hum is gone.

Connection, 2 x tulip (left / right) 2 x female tulip (left / right) (no power needed)

Ground loop Isolator, Minijack naar minijack female

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Earth loop Insulator for connection of Minijack,

If you have noise from hum on your mini connection jack, this insulator can solve the problem.

Audio Ground loop Isolator, Minijack naar 2 x RCA

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From Mini Jack to 2x RCA MALE.
De-disturbing noise or hum.