Our company was established April 1, 2000.
The company was named FCNB Av & Pc.
The beginning was mainly ICT work and assembling PCs and managing/developing websites.
In 2002 a webshop was created mainly with home automation and security products.
That webshop changed in 2013 from home automation and camera systems to selling cabling to Bang & Olufsen systems, and a company name was also added, Powmascables.com.
Since 1992 we have owned various B&O equipment from which I have gained knowledge.
What struck me was that little knowledge was given to the normal citizen by the local B&O dealers.
You just had to go along with the innovations that B&O offered, and the old stuff was soon listed as old junk.
Incidentally, this is a sales strategy, it is understandable that B&O dealers earn more on new components than on the older stuff.
in 2010 I further studied the connections and associated cables, it came down to the fact that you could only purchase connection cables through the dealers, but you had to rely on which length of cable you wanted, the supply was limited and you always bought too much. long cables for a lot of money.
Then we decided to go deeper into it and called distributors for more information and that is why we started with this cabling.
We dare to say that we have the largest assortment in cabling at B&O

In our webshop you can find cables for connection exclusively for a connection to B&O.
In addition, we offer cables to be able to connect B&O beolabs to receivers via the power link cables used by B&O.
Incidentally, a connection is not always possible.
We only make the masterlink cables ourselves, these are still made by hand.
We purchase all other cables from wholesalers Cavus, bosscom, Avsolutions and Av-Connection.
So we do not make the cables ourselves and we do not install at locations, we are simply a webshop.
This is no longer possible due to my physical disability.

B&O is a private brand name that we mention but have no connections with.
The brand facilitates connections to its own products, which is plug & play.
However, it makes it very difficult to connect other brands very quickly.
To ease the problem of the TVs, B&O has been recommending Almando since 2021 as an option for connections to a Non B&O TV, so you can still use Dolby and continue to use all those 6 speakers, of course, if the system has already had dolby.
We simply deliver our goods from home, there is no shop here.
The webshop is a hobby of mine, I don't make a living from this,
it is a helping hand to consumers who run into problems, for myself it is a nice pastime.
We try to offer reasonable prices, currently with the economic outlook we also have to keep up with the rising costs.
we hope to serve existing customers and future customers with our service,
if you have problems or other questions, just mail, you will always receive a response from us.

With us, the customer always comes first.
you also always have to deal with 1 person for claim/sale.

We also provide the necessary service before or after the purchase if necessary.

Due to my health I can only be active for a few hours a day.