Our Our company was founded in 2000.
The activities were during our start,
trading in Second Life products of B&O,
ICT including the building of PC systems and webpages,
security equipment including alarm and camera systems.
These were delivered to the customer's home and connected.
over 26 years of experience with a B&O and worked closely with various B&O dealers in our country.
At the end of 2007 to 2013 for health reasons is our company stopped.
We could not have been more continue with the delivery of our offer to the customers at home.
In order to remain active around B&O we are beginning 2013 started with a webshop (hobby moderate)
Now we offer cabling to connect,
Bang & Olufsen
and the TV.
Meant for the consumer, installers and companies.
Because we are from home, the entry of store orders remains the stock on the arrow in our business feature elsewhere.
We buy big, so we favorable providence to provide you the ropes.

Meanwhile, more than 2000 customers inside and outside the country
which has placed a purchase in our shop.
We offer compatible cables of Bosscom
Bosscom, is the world's largest supplier of B&O cabling.
We are of this mark officially retailer in the Benelux.
Consult for special cables we sound heavenly where we also well cooperate, this company itself makes special cables for connection to B&O.
The customer is always first.
You also have always with 1 person.
We give before or after the purchase also the required service if you need them.
We make no cables and install on-site no longer.
Orders are solely from our webshop, we deliver to individuals, companies and installers worldwide!
For all your questions you can make use of our email address,
we always answer also in the evenings and weekends.
We are connected at,



Check here or our webshop is safe:


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